5 Habits that Will Help Your Abs


Eat Healthy
-Your body needs it’s Vitamins & Nutrition’s to sustain good bodily function. Keeping your body fully nourished will prevent you from any eating disorders that may occur in your life if you aren’t careful.
Proteins, Fibers are a few necessities to keep your abs and help control your eating.

An ab workout keep the muscles. You can’t expect results without doing the work. The more work you put in over a short amount of time the faster you’ll see the results.

Take at least 1 day of rest a week from working out your abs. Working out stretches your muscle and as you rest, eat protein which feeds your muscles.

Laugh Hard
Have you ever had a hearty laugh that you can feel from your “soul”?
Well, every time you laugh you are using those abs, it’s good to use your abs. Let your abs know how much you care by laughing. People with nice abs have the best laughs.

Speak Loud
Your abs are a new found boldness. When you speak loud, you are using your diaphragm and your abs to push out confidence and strength. But remember not to flaunt your pride. Don’t go to the library and shout, or to the nursery during nap time. There is a time and place for everything.


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