Mountain Dew You!

I woke up this morning feeling good because today is my day off. I’m always looking forward to these ” lazy days” because I usually get rest. Then it hit me, I have a nice apartment, nice furniture, and food. God has blessed me and has seen my hard work so even when I get a day off, it’s not a day to be complacent, it’s a day to reflect and improve. The things you want in life come by hard work prayer and believing you can have what you want. This life is yours to live so don’t waste time doing nothing. I still have to work out and I still have plenty of time to relax later. Get up, stay active to prevent boredom and a wandering unfocused mind. The minute you don’t use is the one you can’t get back. Not only is the next moment important, but it could change the rest of your life. Do you! Never back down, encourage positivity, succeed, Excel.


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